That New New.

Here is what we have been up to recently.


On May 7th, we hosted our first event - THE WAKA TOUR - in collaboration with tale-teller and budding African historian, Kelechi Anabaraonye. We journeyed through colonial Lagos as Kelechi shared the history behind some of the most iconic buildings located in the heart of Lagos.

The vast age range of our 10 WAKA-rists showed us that history can act as a bridge; as we were able to learn from one another. Each attendee was treated to a TBBNQ sweet pack. THE WAKA TOUR was the first of many more events to come, focused on the preservation and appreciation of Nigerian heritage and history.



In line with our mandate to be transparent and accountable, we have published a progress report on our first project - The Victoria Aiyeyemi International School. This report provides an overview on the project: accomplishments, setbacks (including financing and logistics), potential solutions and steps for further development of the project.

The report contains an updated needs assessment on the school conducted in February 2017. As identified by both the Head of the School and The Book Banque, a functional library unit is most needed. The Book Banque aims to start biweekly/monthly reading sessions with the school the Easter holiday in April, and complete the building of the library by July 2017. We hope that you would partner with us, in order to achieve our goals. 



What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than at our first project - The Victoria Aiyeyemi International School - in Ilasan? We danced our hearts out after school, and in the spirit of love, we broke bread. The children had a great time, and we left thinking of ways to up our (dancing) game.

We found that spending time with them in this form was highly valued, and are committed to employing various mediums to enrich the lives of the children. We are thus planning a Summer and would like as many hands on board as possible. Kindly get in touch if you would like to contribute your time or skills.


Books available for review

Got a book you might be interested to read?

We got you!

We have a growing list of books available for you to read, in exchange for a review. All you have to do is contact us, agree to our terms and we would send a book of your choice to you within one week. The Book Banque would be responsible for the shipping and delivery costs to you*, and expects a return of the book within six weeks of the receipt. It’s that simple!



Christmas in Lagos is incomplete without a play by Thespian Family Theatre and Productions. This month and in January 2017, ITAN - The Story is back in theatres! How exciting?! Even more special, Thespian has partnered with The Book Banque to provide 20 free tickets to children at our first project, The Victoria Aiyeyemi International School, to watch ITAN at the National Theatre, in January.

Thespian embodies our mission of empowerment through education and enrichment through cultural heritage. Their plays are filled with folklore, dance, music, an array of indigenous costumes, and never fail to embrace our very diverse cultures. We are elated and thankful that they have chosen to adopt our project; building communities a stage at a time. We are also glad to share a different medium of education with the children!




Our first project - The Victoria Aiyeyemi International School - was scheduled to conclude on October 2nd, 2016. We have however extended the project till November 30th, 2016 as this allows more time to gather enough books to build a library for the school. We believe that with your help, we can give so much more to the children of The Victoria Aiyeyeimi International School. We are thus seeking financial support to build a library for the school.

Subject to the funds raised, we intend on assisting the school with the renovation of classrooms and the training of teachers. We are so excited about the potential impact that the combination of these different elements could have on the children, and hope you share in our excitement too. We therefore hope that you can partner with us to make this a reality! 

Our first project!

We are so excited to share with you our first project!

The first arm of The Book Banque collects, sorts and redistributes books to children in select schools in disadvantaged communities in Nigeria. The schools chosen are often in remote areas or in dire need of resources. Our first project, The Victoria Aiyeyemi International School located in Ilasan Housing Estate Lekki Lagos, is no different. 

From Sept 7th to October 1st, The Book Banque will be collecting academic and non-academic books specifically for The Victoria Aiyeyemi International School. The books collected will be sorted according to age groups and delivered to the school on October 10th, 2016. Click here to donate books, or here to support financially.

Our first feature!

A week after our soft launch via our social media platforms, we got featured on The Sparkle Writers Hub! Imagine the excitement that brewed among the team when we got the opportunity to shed more light on the birth and direction of The Book Banque.

Sharing experiences from her childhood where she was required to read and summarise books in order to score a holiday, highlighting the importance of education and the existing knowledge gap, and further asserting the need for all economic agents to work together to increase access to quality education, our founder, Tobi Jaiyesimi, details what The Book Banque represents and why we would not stop!