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Lagos Biennial

Lagos Biennial

"The biennial, which is an artist initiative, will hold once every two years in the city of Lagos with the primary aim of opening cultural, artistic, and political conversations from Lagos to the rest of the world. In line with the spirit of Lagos which is all-welcoming, the Lagos biennial is not driven by Afrocentric ideologies but rather embraces the unifying simplicity of the human experience."

The theme of this year's edition is 'Living on the Edge'.

"To re-think. To re-imagine."

"The vision embark on a journey to explore multi-faceted scenarios which will undoubtedly question the very essence of our humanity, spirituality, and the interconnectedness of the universe. If we were to take a portrait of the world, would it be life-giving? Would it be a collage of despair? The greatest challenge of this exercise would be to solicit the interest of local communities who are a key to the eventual plausibility of the continuum."

"In essence, art will be put to the ultimate test; can it save the world or at least make an attempt? The narrative of the biennial, which shares its title with the 2012 project of Mozambican artist Mário Macilau, is expanded to accommodate the geographical, spiritual, and most importantly, the psychological ramifications of living on the edge."

Find out more about the Lagos Biennial here or see here for the full programme.