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Lagos Book and Art Festival (LABAF)

The theme for this year's Lagos Book and Art Festival is ERUPTIONS: Global FRACTURES and our common HUMANITY. The theme is inspired by the sudden but seemingly coordinated emergence of extreme political actors and actions, mostly leaning towards the far right, in global political and economic landscape, which have mostly led to, or have the tendency to create adverse effects on our collective humanity.

"Sometimes, some of these actions/policies, for instance BREXIT, have triggered usurpation or deprivation of human rights, or general degradation of human dignities." In this, LABAF "takes note of the emergence of the ‘Trump’ character in the world biggest democracy, and the emerging trend in central Europe, where the far rightists are gaining greater control of the politics and economic resources. LABAF is, of course, also conscious of the developments around the polity here at home with the rapacious calls for ‘separation’ and ‘dissolution’ of the nation, and the rise of militancy and profusion of violent rhetoric by various amorphous groups in parts of the country."

The festival will entail books (duh!), music, poetry and more. The Green Festival will also be on from November 10th to 12th, 2017.

Find the the full line up of the Lagos Book and Art Festival here.