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Book Release: Yejide Kilanko's There Is An Elephant In My Wardrobe

There's An Elephant In My Wardrobe.jpg

Release date (Nigeria) by Tuuti Imprint, Kachifo: December, 2018.




There Is An Elephant In My Wardrobe, illustrated by Kayode Onimole, tells the story of young Adun who is bullied by an elephant who is supposed to be her friend and has made its home in her wardrobe.

There Is An Elephant In My Wardrobe is a heartwarming tale of courage, true friendship and self-worth. “I decided to write There Is An Elephant In My Wardrobe,” Kilanko stated, “because I think it’s crucial for us to talk to the children in our lives about their mental health. We’re living in frightening times and children are not exempt from the fear and anxiety many adults experience on a daily basis. I also chose to write this story because I've struggled with anxiety for as long as I can remember. As a child, it would have made a world of difference if I had read about a little girl who was just like me.”