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Memory, Culture & Community (London)

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This one-day international conference will provide a platform to discuss Igbo heritage studies and modes of documenting the past. The ‘Memory, Culture and Community’ conference seeks to promote the creation, management and use of records and archives, highlighting the need to preserve the archival heritage of people of Igbo descent around the world, through the sharing of experiences, research and ideas. During the course of the day, the conference will put on a series of workshops which will provide members of the public the skills to compile and collate content on Igbo culture and heritage through the medium of film, photography, oral history and writing.

The central output of the conference will be the development of an online Igbo digital archive through harnessing the knowledge and cultural resources of the community.

The last conference was held in 2017 with the guiding theme ‘Legacies Of Biafra: Reflections On The Nigeria-Biafra War 50 Years On’, marking the fiftieth anniversary of the outbreak of the Nigerian civil war. The ‘Legacies of Biafra’ conference launched the “Know Your History” initiative which seeks to create physical and digital spaces for learning and knowledge exchange centring on Igbo history, whilst also serving the development and population of the digital Igbo studies archive.

The speakers for the ‘Memory, Culture and Community’ conference include:

Ms. Chimamanda Adichie Professor Osita Okagbue Professor Paul Basu Ms Ego Ahaiwe Mr Nathan Richards Ms. Kelly Foster Mr Brian Ezeike Ms. Vivian Ogbonna Mr Emeka Ed Keazor

Award winning filmmaker Ujuaku Akukwe-Nwakalor will return to the Igbo Conference to screen her latest film: Harvest of Pride: Iri Ji. This feature length documentary centres on the significance of the New Yam Festival in Igboland. The film screening will be followed by a Q and A with Ujuaku and a discussion on the way they have approached the documenting of the most famous annual event in Igboland.


Trailer Of Harvest Of Pride: Iri Ji


About The Igbo Conference

"The Igbo Conference, in partnership with The Centre for African studies, SOAS, University of London is a forum for discovering the Igbo culture, language and heritage.

The annual Igbo conference aims to promote the study of Igbo language and culture within the UK, and seeks to bring academics and members of the Igbo community together for the purpose of knowledge sharing and exchange.

The ultimate goal of the Igbo conference organisers is to eventually establish an Igbo Centre in London which will act as a hub for anyone interested in research in the field of Igbo Studies (through a library, archives and study space), as well as providing a resource for members of the public to learn more about Igbo culture (through artifacts and interactive resources).

The two day conference comprises of plenary panels, Igbo cultural performances and workshops.

The annual conference’s aim is to encourage and promote Igbo Studies in the UK. Whilst there are limited Igbo Language and Cultural studies available in British Universities, the annual Igbo Language Conference seeks to provide a forum for intellectual and cultural exchange between scholars, students and members of the community."

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