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Barely Lit Festival (London)

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Bare Lit Festival will kick off the summer festival flurry returning for a third year to showcase the work of writers of colour. The weekend, May 25-27, 2018, will see the beloved festival make a move to The Albany in Lewisham as the team seek to increase inclusivity at and already groundbreaking event.

The festival will be open to over 600 attendees who will be able to enjoy exciting readings, panels and performances, purchase books and zines from favourite and undiscovered authors and meet like-minded individuals from across the country.

At present, panels looking at free to speak/free to censor, Britain after the fall of multiculturalism and crime and mystery are just a few that can be confirmed, taking place during this weekend. Such themes are reflective of “the interrogative and celebratory discussions Bare Lit is known for.”

The team in charge of the festival is still led by Henna Zamurd-Butt and Mend Mariwany - the festival founders. This year, in addition to putting on a stellar festival, rivalling past festivals, the team is focused on increasing increasing representation of marginalised BAME identities. Tickets will be priced to accommodate all financial brackets:

The success of the festival is thanks to the support of our event partners: The Literary Consultancy, Arvon, Apples and Snake, The Royal Society of Literature, among others.


Bare Lit Festival was created to combat this by celebrating the work of remarkable writers of colour. In 2015, the UK's three largest literary festivals featured over 2000 authors. Of those 2000+ authors, only 4 percent were from Black Caribbean, Black African, South Asian or East Asian backgrounds, based on a report published by SPREAD THE WORD.