At The Book Banque, equal access to quality education is our focus.


We work with public and private schools to ensure that academic and non-academic books are available to foster the learning and development of students. With the option to integrate a monthly literature and writing club as an extracurricular activity, we offer support to schools to feed the curiousity of the youths and encourage them to seek solutions through literature.


victoria aiyeyemi international schooL


Located in Ilasan housing estate in Lekki, Lagos - one of the three housing estates provided by the Lagos State Government to house evictees of the 1990 clearance of Maroko - the Victoria Aiyeyemi International School was founded in 1999, in response to the supply deficit of (low-cost) educational infrastructure in the resettlement area. Over the years, the school has grown to accommodate 120 students annually and offers 11 subjects in accordance with the Nigeria Curriculum. Majority of the students that attend the school are often offspring of those who relocated from Maroko, and thus, from low income households.

Speaking with the Head of the School, Mr Stephen Aiyeyemi, he identified the need for a library paramount to the learning process of the children. With utmost enthusiasm, he asserts that "no knowledge is lost" and states the need for books beyond the curriculum taught at school. Notwithstanding, on our visit to the school, our team observed that students in preparation for National Common Entrance Examination lacked the relevant textbooks to prepare and practice for the examination 2 weeks to the planned date of seating. The Book Banque is thus calling for not only interactive, stimulating and intellectual books suitable for ages 2-16, but also, a plethora of books to support the learning of students in year 5 and 6.  

This project will run from September 7th to *November 30th, 2016.

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*This project has been extended from the initial end date of October 2nd, in order to allow for the collection of more books.

We would like to build a library unit for the school, and are looking to partner with individuals or organisations to create a home for all the books collected between September and November. To partner with us, click here.