hat's Your Migration Story is a mini project by The Book Banque, curated in line with its themes for July on displacement and migration. The aim is to create a space for people to share their migration stories - from why they moved from their non-native cities or towns; to their emotional experiences and connections to the cities or towns they have lived in.

The project explores the idea of ‘home’ and the fragility of identity and locality. Through the stories shared, people are provided with an avenue to identifiy with self and others, connect with a growing generation of multilocals while knocking down the stigma behind the word ‘immigrant’.




e encourage you to share your stories and/or timelines, and what 'home' means to you. Feel free to send us images, and (scanned) copies of letters exchanged in the period away from ‘home’ to accompany your story.

There is no word limit to this. Write, reconnect, embrace and heal. You can choose to remain anonymous, or choose to share a name and contact details for people with similar stories to connect with you. All rights shall remain with you.

To help write your story, we have created the following guiding questions. There is no obligation to use this format.

  • Where do you currently live? If not your place of birth, why did you move?

  • How easy was the integration process?

  • Where do you call home, and why?

  • Where are you a local of?

  • What city do you have an emotional tie to, and why?

Alternatively, you could consider using Taiye Selasi's 3 Rs - Rituals, Relationships and Restrictions - to determine your locality.

  • Rituals: daily rituals; in what city do they occur? In what cities does the shopkeeper know your face?
  • Relationships: Whom do you speak to at least day to day? Who are the people that shape your emotional experiences?

  • Restrictions: Where do you feel least restricted?





To share your story, kindly fill the form below.

Pictures and scanned letters should be sent to info@thebookbanque.com with name, and a brief note of consent. Thank you.

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