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TBBNQ Wishlist/Giveaway: Books On Our List!

Ever heard of the saying that a woman can never have too many shoes? Well, the same thing applies to books! There is no such thing as too many books, and as so, our wish list keeps growing daily. From fiction to non-fiction to anthology to history to satire; old to new authors; Achebe to Selasi, we want them all. In the spirit of Christmas and in the hope that our true love might give us something, we compiled a TBBNQ Wishlist! Here, we discuss briefly the top three books - Longthroat Memoirs, Welcome To Lagos and Homegoing - on our list, and give you a chance to win any book on our list.

Ake Festival 2016 Review: Three Personal Lessons

On the first day of the festival, alongside two other writers, I spent time at Lantoro High School speaking to the students about reading writing, and making a career in the arts. It was so heart-warming to talk with youths who had a genuine interest in the arts, and wanted to know how to navigate this thing they loved. I was somewhat heartbroken to hear they barely had books in their school library - a reality in various schools in Nigeria that The Book Banque works to alleviate. Oh, what a difference it would make for such children! For me, the memory of books were both an escape and inspiration in my childhood; one that I cherish. That, unlike my actual panel session, is a clear memory. For most of the session, I was anxious about talking in front of people. It felt like I was out of my body and watching myself talk. One of the other panellists, Lidudumalingani - whose Caine Prize winning story, Memories We Lost, is about a character’s experience of a loved one with Schizophrenia - talked about the need to take advocacy beyond just creating the art, and find ways to translate it for impact even at the grassroots.