Four Ways To Step Up Your Reading Game

If reading a book seems like a chore, chances are that you are not doing it right. You either need to substitute the book you are reading for another book, because, let us be honest - life is too short for the boring stuff. Or, you just simply need to step up your reading game. This involves personalising your reading and finding your algoreadim - get it? no? okay. Whether you commute via public transport or are chauffeured around town, this is usually the perfect opportunity to get through a few pages. If you drive, you could consider getting up forty-five minutes earlier than usual to read before setting out for the day. Our mantra? Wake, pray, read a chapter, slay. If you are able to throw in an exercise session in there, good on you. The reverse - slay, read, pray, sleep - is also worth considering, if you are not a morning person. Alternatively, you could invest in an audio book and have a listen while dressing up, in traffic or simply unwinding in bed. The options are endless, really. It is all about pacing yourself; reading smarter, not necessarily bigger.