TBBNQ Wishlist/Giveaway: Books On Our List!

Ever heard of the saying that a woman can never have too many shoes? Well, the same thing applies to books! There is no such thing as too many books, and as so, our wish list keeps growing daily. From fiction to non-fiction to anthology to history to satire; old to new authors; Achebe to Selasi, we want them all. In the spirit of Christmas and in the hope that our true love might give us something, we compiled a TBBNQ Wishlist! Here, we discuss briefly the top three books - Longthroat Memoirs, Welcome To Lagos and Homegoing - on our list, and give you a chance to win any book on our list.

Four Ways To Step Up Your Reading Game

If reading a book seems like a chore, chances are that you are not doing it right. You either need to substitute the book you are reading for another book, because, let us be honest - life is too short for the boring stuff. Or, you just simply need to step up your reading game. This involves personalising your reading and finding your algoreadim - get it? no? okay. Whether you commute via public transport or are chauffeured around town, this is usually the perfect opportunity to get through a few pages. If you drive, you could consider getting up forty-five minutes earlier than usual to read before setting out for the day. Our mantra? Wake, pray, read a chapter, slay. If you are able to throw in an exercise session in there, good on you. The reverse - slay, read, pray, sleep - is also worth considering, if you are not a morning person. Alternatively, you could invest in an audio book and have a listen while dressing up, in traffic or simply unwinding in bed. The options are endless, really. It is all about pacing yourself; reading smarter, not necessarily bigger.