Sarah Aluko

The Human Body Is Made Up Of Mostly Water

A poem by Nigerian-British poet Sarah Aluko, published exclusively on The Book Banque.

Where does it hurt?

Somewhere between here, here & here

You point to the graveyard

You call it a body

Walking eclipse, belly full of poems

Your jaw is tired. Too many apologies

You beg for forgiveness

Maybe this is the day you’ll finally learn how to wear this

These days you’re all ocean

Giving & giving & giving


Is your heart happy?

What colour is your soul?

Is she hiding between your thighs?


Point to where it hurts

Self- medicate

Here, here & here.


About Sarah

Sarah Aluko

Sarah Aluko is a Nigerian-British Author and Poet. Her poetry speaks of womanhood, femininity, love, loss and heartbreak. On International Women’s Day, 2017, Sarah Aluko released her debut anthology, Firstborn, which was long-listed for the Out-Spoken Prize for Poetry in the same year. Aluko has worked with Apples and Snakes–England’s largest organisation for performance poetry and spoken word–as well as Microsoft and Nasty Women. Since Firstborn, Sarah Aluko has been listed as part of Nasty Boy’s Creative Class of 2018-Nasty 40-which celebrates the next generation of Africans shaping youth culture.


This poem is published exclusively with The Book Banque. and shared with the permission of the author, Sarah Aluko. All rights of the author reserved.

Updated last on October 16, 2018.