Ken Saro-Wiwa

This Nigeria Sef

Ken Saro-Wiwa

Your own come pass two hundred:
Sanu, ekaro, deeyira, tank you, doo
kakifo, nonsense, you no go fit take one!
Nigeria, you too like borrow borrow
You borrow money, cloth you dey borrow
You borrow motor, you borrow aeroplane
You borrow chop, you borrow drink
Sotey you borrow anoder man language
Begin confuse am with your confusion
Anytin you borrow you go confuse am to nonsense
Idiot debtor, wetin you go do
When de owners go come take dem tings?




Ken Saro-Wiwa was a writer and activist, born in Port Hartcourt, Nigeria in 1941. His first novels, written in pidgin English, were both released in 1985: Songs in a Time of War and Sozaboy. He also wrote poetry and children’s stories, and was well known as a journalist and for his stance against corruption and the ecological damage on the Ogoni community.


Image: S. Mores, 1950.