The Other End Of The Table: Being Bola's Peter



onversations about rape and abuse are often one-dimensional and focused on women. Perhaps for the fact that, statistically, there is a higher rate of reported cases of female abuse than of male abuse. The danger in this, however, is the culture of silence that continues to omit men from the 'abuse' narrative, and support structures available for abuse survivors.

This, in addition to the expectation to preserve 'masculinity' in a highly patriarchal society like Nigeria, continuously and ironically builds broken, burdened and silenced men. At the least, men grapple with the very same mental health issues women go through. In certain instances, especially when abused at a young age, an exchange is made: sexuality for innocence.

This short feature titled 'Peter' from BeingBola's Monologues tells of a man who was raped as a child by his uncle. One walks through Peter's emotions, thoughts and mental struggle from the experience. Through writing and this film, 'Bola shows the cyclical effect of (male) abuse. This emotive piece starts a much-needed conversation on the other end of the table. No one is alone.

Meet Peter below.

'Bola is the creative director of Being Bola. Peter is Episode 3 of 'The Monologues' - a speech by a singular person to express their mental thoughts and feelings. The series features topics that are extremely personal yet need to be heard. All rights reserved.

Image: Karin Jurick - "200 Faces, No. 122."