A poem by Zimbabwean graphic designer, photographer and poet Munya Chidakwa.

Dear My Time,

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Or was the first time 

way back in time?

Do you remember the time your heart and mind combined,

releasing thoughts and feelings that made you unwind

to a place where your guilty pleasures are no longer a crime?

Relax and unwind.  

Do you remember the last time your thoughts

and his thoughts intertwined to a place beyond space and time? 

Leaving you both bathing in a unconscious mind. 

Leaving your time and his time to take time... together?

Dont waste your time, or his time,

because time wont wait for time. 

So make time

because time only reveals in time.

So I ask...

when is the next time you’ll do something for the first time?

Hope you get this in time 

Yours sincerely

Your Time

About Munya

Multidisciplinarian Zimbabwean spoken word artist, photographer, grahic designer and poet Munya Chidakwa uses his art as a way of trying to understand the complexity of the world. As the son of a former minister, Munya has known struggle and success - at one stage sleeping rough and also travelling the world to indulge his passions.


Image: The Odyssey Online.

This poem is published exclusively with The Book Banque. and shared with the permission of the author, Munya Chidakwa. All rights of the author reserved.