Poetry: That Same Night By Elone Ainebyoona

That same night,
He picked me along the way.
He charmed me with his bundles.
He assured me of pleasure each day.
He took me around his castles.
He asked me to stay.

That same night,
I forgot about my pimples.
I only felt gay.
I could only feel my dimples.
I looked forward to his nightly play.

That same night,
His body moved like ripples.
His hands felt softer than clay. His smooch gave me tickles.
His form warmer than an overlay.

That same night,
He began to sway.
He curved in like a sickle. He shoved me away.
He chased me like trouble. He denied me my pay,
He only gave me prickles.

That same night
I couldn’t believe the betray, I left in hustles.
I rushed for the subway.
I was all left a ramshackle,
I only had to pray.
I dreaded that one night.
— Elone N Ainebyoona

Source: African Writers Trust, 2013. All Rights Reserved.

Image: Tumblr.