Cheers to a new year!



In August, The Book Banque turned 1!

To celebrate, we hosted a giveaway - which is now closed.

Three copies of Easy Motion Tourist and The Chibok Girls were won!



n the last year, we have had the privilege to read both classic and contemporary works of African literature; most of which have spurred interesting and relevant dialogues on various societal and cultural themes. Two books our Editor can, however, not get over (still!) are Leye Adenle’s Easy Motion Tourist and Helon Habila’s The Chibok Girls.

"Easy Motion Tourist, a crime fiction, had me waking up at 4am to read! I loved Amaka’s wit and her sass was everything; Guy, your classic British lad trying to navigate the Nigerian Police, humoured me thoroughly. The Chibok Girls, on the other hand, was a true eye opener on the resurgence in Northern Nigeria. It is sure to awaken slumbered humanity."

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