Who We Are

Empowerment through Education.

Enrichment through Cultural Heritage.


Our Mission

The Book Banque is a social enterprise committed to providing children in disadvantaged communities with access to both academic and non-academic material, in order to foster the process of learning, thereby eradicating one of the core contributors to low education enrolment rates in Nigeria.  We are passionate about cultivating the habit of reading amongst Nigerian youths, in the bid to broaden their horizon, equip them to challenge the normative and empower them to innovatively seek solutions.

The Book Banque is equally committed to preserving the diverse Nigerian cultural heritage, and reconnecting Nigerians to their historical core. We strive to help fill the knowledge gap by increasing awareness on social, economic and political issues in Nigeria through a multidisciplinary approach to reading. This is aimed at facilitating a sense of identity, and nurturing better economic choices among Nigerians, in order to enhance the sustainability of development of Nigeria.

The Book Banque was inspired by the desire to fill the gap in terms of resources and knowledge, in order for Nigerian youth to broaden their horizons, innovatively seek solutions, be more (culturally) aware, and avoid making the same mistakes of our past leaders.
— Tobi Jaiyesimi, Founder of The Book Banque

how we do WHAT WE DO

The Book Banque concurrently operates two arms - both of which are focused on achieving our mission:

Empowerment through Education

  • Collect, sort and distribute academic and non-academic books to schools in disadvantaged communities in Nigeria;
  • Partner to build functional and/or mobile library units in schools, communities and organisations;
  • Offer consultation on literary activities/projects, and create content for learning groups, individuals and institutions.

Enrichment through Cultural Heritage

  • Host a virtual book club, in which we review fiction and non-fiction African literature, and share poetry and prose;
  • Adopting a historical lens to writing, share articles on social, economic, political and cultural topics in Nigeria;  
  • Provide book sourcing and rental services, as well as editorial and literary-related PR services.